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Transfer molding is an extension of compression molding, but utilizing methods similar to injection molding. It is utilized in applications involving higher production quantities than would be normal for compression molding. The major difference between compression and transfer is that the uncured rubber is placed in a “pot / ram” combination built into the top of the mold, and utilizing the closure of the molding press to force the uncured rubber through small holes (sprues) into the cavity(s). The balance of the process is the same as is found in compression molding.
Our molding press capabilities for transfer molding are the same as for the compression line. Please see compression molding above for press capabilities.

Advantages of Transfer molding
Shorter production cycle then the compression method
Compound preparation and tool loading time is reduced; individual cavities do not have to be loaded with uncured rubber
Product finishing time is reduced. Since the mold is closed before introduction of the uncured rubber, the part when removed from the mold will exhibit less flash
Transfer molds can be run in a conventional compression type molding press; no special equipment necessary.

Disadvantages of Transfer molding
Tooling is more expensive than a compression mold
More material waste due to excess left in the “pot” and the runner system.

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