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Qingdao Protech Engineering can help you meet the material requirements placed on your designs by offering advice on material selection. Some Rubber materal listing as below :


And Qingdao Protech can  do the parts in Plastics (Rigid & Flexible), Sponge and Gasketing Materials
ABS                                         Acetal (Delrin)                            Acetate                              Acoustic Materials                       Adhesive
Aramid Fibre                          Board Stock                               Ceramic Fibre                  Cloth                                              Coated Fabrics
Cork                                        Cork/Rubber Composites       Fibre                                  Film                                                 Filter Materials
Dielectric Material                 Felt                                              Foam                                 Foamed Plastics                           Foil
Graphite                                 HDPE                                          EMI/RFI Materials            Fabric Reinforced Rubber           Latex
Isolation Materials               Laminate                                     LDPE                                 Leather                                           Metal Reinforced
Nylon                                     PET Film (Myar)                          PETG                                 PET Propylene                               Phenolic Material
Plastic                                   Polyurethane                               PTFE (Teflon)                   PVC                                                 Santoprene
Silica Fibre                          Silicone Sponge                          Sponge Rubber               Stripping                                         Tape
Urethane                             UHMW Polyethylene                     Vegetable Fibre              Vulcanized Fibre
Wire & Cloth Reinforced                                    Sound Deadening Material                          Shim Stock (Plastic & Metal)
Non-Asbestos Gasketing Material                  PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate)                  TPEs (Thermoplastic Elastomers)
Vibration Isolation/Damping Materials            Woven and Non-Woven Fabrics


This is a partial list of available materials. Other Specialty Compounds and Materials Available.

Please contact us for additional information.

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